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About Me

My passion for baking started as a child when I would sit at the edge of the kitchen while my mom baked delicious treats for us. My favorite was her red velvet cake. I would pay attention to all the little details she would make as she baked. I was amazed by how sugar, eggs, flour and a few other ingredients could create something so delicious. Fast forward to many, many years later, my sister and I got older and started moving away. My mom stopped baking as much (my dad and younger brother weren't too thrilled) since there were less people in the house. She would still bake on holidays and special occasions. I remember my wife and I going home for a holiday, probably Thanksgiving and eating some cake that was at my parents’ house. We of course assumed it was my mom's, but after tasting it, we looked at each other puzzled. So I asked my mom if she baked it, and she didn't. A part of my childhood died that day. Now that I couldn't get my cake fix from my mom, I decided to get it from myself. I researched different recipes trying to find ones that seemed close to what I remember her baking. I got my ingredients, went to the kitchen and started going to work. Turns out I remembered enough of what she did and created something special.The reaction to my cake was so good that I decided to try a few other recipes. I nailed them all! I fell in love with baking and I've been doing it ever since. It's my passion and that passion reflects in everything I bake.