Brotha Bakes Quad (4 jars)

Brotha Bakes Quad (4 jars)

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Create your own custom 4 jar combo. Choose any flavors you want!


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Absolutely love the Brotha Bakes Cake in Jars

These were truly heaven sent!! I absolutely love the Reddi Murphy and German Dupri!! The cakes are moist and yummy. My husband and I really enjoyed. Already looking forward to my next order

I was happy until...

I WAS so delighted with my jars of Brotha Bakes that I decided to order samples of all of them so I could have my absolute 💯 FAVORITES. Well, my first jars had the gold tops that were a breeze to get in. My next order had the black tops and that's where my trouble began. My jar of the RED Velvet had to be thrown away because the black top was on SO TIGHT that I couldn't open it. I hurt my left hand so badly that I experienced difficulty using it for two days. My electric jar opener couldn't get the top off. I had planned to give Brotha Bakes to friends but they are Seniors Citizens, like myself, and I'm afraid that they might experience the same unfortunate difficulty as I did. I have 3 jars left and I'm praying that I'll be able to open them successfully.


Brotha Bakes, all of my cakes were fantastic. Looking forward to my next order and will be telling all of my family and friends about you.
Also, I’m a part of the Heather B. Live Crew

Second order 😁

Love the dessert jars, everything was packed down perfectly, no complaints.

Thank you very much Dionda. Glad you enjoyed.


Everything was super delish, and I habe worked my way through two, and started the third one today !!
I got Mariah Carrot cake , LeBron lemon , and Germaine Super German chocolate, and Eddie Murphy red velvet !!!
All were Magnificent !!!
Thanks so much !!

Thank you very much. We appreciate it. So glad you are enjoying them